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Louise Conte

My passion for helping people has led me to become an Counsellor and working to support people to create positive, long lasting changes in their lives. 


I have a genuine interest in my clients, I am compassionate and a good listener. I understand that you are the expert in your own life.

I enjoy assisting you to be able to find and see the various options and solutions that can make positive changes in your day to day living.

As a counsellor I have found that I am very interest in working & supporting  clients who are navigating their way through grief and loss.


People who have various social anxieties, and working to help my clients to see situations from a different perspective, encouraging them to be able to step outside the problem. Therefore promoting the opportunity for personal growth and resolution. 


In my personal life : I am a mother of 3, and have many much loved family pets and two horses.


I also volunteer at an equine therapy, horse and human rehabilitation center. Pets can be used in therapy/ counselling where appropriate.


Before becoming a counsellor I spent many years working as a qualified hairdresser. (Which really made me the "accidental counsellor.) As a hairdresser, I was helping people feel beautiful on the outside. 


I now look forward to helping you feel good on the inside. Encouraging you to be empowered to make positive choices and find solutions to create the life changes you desire.



Louise Conte & her horse
is available
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Louise Conte

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