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BLISS Services

Bliss out with US

We offer a range of BLISS services that focus on ultimate relaxation,
rejuvenation, and wellbeing.
Our team of relaxation experts have thoughtfully crafted 3 treatments that target your physical and emotional stress, encouraging you to find your inner Bliss.
Our holistic approach to wellbeing combines the benefits of relaxation
with supporting the Mind, Body, and Soul. 

Floating on
BLISS Cloud Nine

floating on cloud nine, relaxation, reju
Floating on 
Bliss Cloud Nine
  • 115 minute appointment

  • Investment $269.50

'Floating on BLISS Cloud Nine'


The ULTIMATE relaxation experience, aimed at reducing stress, enhancing feelings of wellbeing & pleasure, as we rejuvenate your Body, Mind & Spirit.


A 'Floating on BLISS Cloud Nine' session includes:


  • Relaxation of the muscles of the neck, shoulders & back, preparing the body to relax & de-stress.

  • Soothing temple & head massage, bringing back the blood flow to the head and your brain, induces a wonderful experience of peace and tranquility.

  • Acupressure stress release head massage.

  • Hands and feet massage with Pure Essential Oils of your choice, to sooth & infuse a sense of wellness.

  • Chakra Balance & Meridian harmony, this unique Mind, Body & Soul experience combines the therapeutic elements of Reiki with relaxation techniques in induce a deep sense of Peace & Calm.

Blissful Peace

a mystical labyrinth, in a calming and r
Blissful Peace
  • 85 minute appointment

  • Investment $214.50

'Heavenly BLISSFUL Peace'


Indulge in the delight of being pampered, relaxed and feeling like heaven - it is possible and we would LOVE to treat you to some Heavenly BLISSFUL Peace.


A 'Heavenly BLISSFUL Peace' session includes:


  • Relaxing & soothing temple massage, to release the stress and tension in your temples & head.

  • Acupressure stress release head massage.

  • Sooth those tired sore feet with an aromatherapy massage, which induces a wonderfully, surprisingly deep relaxation that lingers in your feet, as well as through the whole nervous system.

  • 30 Minutes Reiki treatment, to soothe, release tension & revive, as the Reiki rejuvenates your whole body, physically, emotionally & mentally.


beautiful background, abstract, enchante
Enchanted Bliss
  • 55 minute appointment

  • Investment $143.00

Cancellation Policy

'Enchanted BLISS'

Take some well deserved time out from the running around, working and organising that makes up most of your day.



We are here to make it happen.

An 'Enchanted BLISS' session includes:


  • Relaxing & soothing temple massage, releasing all the stress & tension in your head & temples.

  • Acupressure stress release head massage.

  • Chakra clearing to restore equilibrium & harmony to our energy centers withing the body.

  • 30 minutes Reiki treatment to energise, focus, rejuvenate & de-stress your body, Physically, Emotionally & Mentally.

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