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WHO WHAT WHY HOW of setting up and successfully running your Small Business:


ESSENTIAL (hard to find) information - working on your Small Business
to create SUCCESS.


LEARN from Kerry who has been operating her own successful Small Business (De-Stress and be HAPPY) for over 20 years. Discover the ideas that will encourage an awesome Social Media following for your business.
De-Stress and be HAPPY has over 57,000 followers.

  • Find out all the tips, tricks and ideas that will set you up for prosperity.

  • LEARN from Kerry's mistakes (this info will allow you to not have to find out for YOURSELF the hard / painful / and expensive way!)

  • Consider this your MASTERCLASS to business accomplishment.

Personal one-on-one Business Mentoring : Tailored to YOUR business and what you need to know to create an abundant, thriving and exciting business.


P.S. - Irrespective of the type of business that you are operating, there are some fundamental business and marketing factors that are similar or the same


I look forward to being your Mentor / Coach on your journey to business success.

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Coach Kerry

De-Stress and be HAPPY

Congratulations on finishing your qualifications and deciding to take a great leap of faith, into the unknown world of small business. It's an exciting adventure that you are embarking on.

Owning and running a Small Business is THRILLING  STIMULATING, OVERWHELMING and HEAPS of hard work and graft.

Perhaps you have already taken the leap and have been left wondering "it's more challenging than I thought, advertising, marketing and encouraging people / clients to come and use my services......"  If so, then you're are in the right place.

Coach Kerry has been successfully running and working in her small business De-Stress and be HAPPY for more than 20+ years.

Kerry also manages the marketing and day to day services of Heritage Electrical Brighton
(Her husband's electrical business.)


Business Owner
Wellness Practitioner
Public Speaker
Business Mentor

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