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(National Disability Insurance Scheme)

NDIS Participants are welcome at De-Stress and be HAPPY Brighton South Australia

De-Stress and be HAPPY are able to provide a range of professional therapeutic supports and wellbeing services that will improve participants daily living and skills.
Consider De-Stress and be HAPPY your Psychosocial Recovery Coach.

  • Improve Relationships / Life Choices

  • Development of Social Skills - Increased Social & Community Participation

  • Enhance Daily Living Skills

  • Support participants to facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources.
        * To help participants work towards personal goals and gain greater insight into their lives.

Psychosocial Recovery Coach
De-Stress and be HAPPY
Assists Participants with an NDIS Plan.


Book an NDlS appointment

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For further information on how
De-Stress and be HAPPY 
may be of assistance to you

Kerry Heritage 61 422745027

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Consider checking with your plan coordinator to ensure that the service you wish to receive is considered beneficial & inline with the goals of your plan.

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