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Practitioner holding their hands above a person receiving a reiki treatment
The Origins of Reiki


The Traditional Reiki Story begins in the 1800’s.  However Reiki was ancient even then.


In the nineteenth century a Japanese man, Dr Mikao Usui was fascinated by the Buddha and in particular in his ability to heal after his enlightenment.  He began a quest to discover the secret so that he might help others.  He traveled widely studying at Buddhist temple’s, he learnt Chinese and Sanskrit in order to study ancient texts.  Eventually he discovered a formula in the Indian sutras for contacting a higher power that could bestow healing.


What is Reiki?


A Reiki session is a wonderful & gentle way of relaxing, reducing the tension in your body & increasing your energy levels.


So how does the Reiki energy work?

Universal Energy (Reiki) is transferred from the Reiki practitioner to you through exchange of Energy/heat/Chi via the hands. The practitioner places their hands on & above specific parts of your body to exchange this Energy.

Your body will then then uses this Energy to help facilitate self -healing. This is done on a Sub-Conscious level and you may not be aware of it taking place.


Unique Features of Reiki


Reiki brings all aspects of our being into balance, as it works on:


  • The Physical body. 

  • Emotional vibrational body. 

  • Mental vibrational body. 

  • Spiritual vibrational body. 


Reiki heals the cause, and eliminates the effects of Physical, Emotional & Mental imbalances.


Who can benefit from having Reiki?


Reiki can be used on:


  • Plants 

  • Animals 

  • Infants 

  • Children 

  • Yourself 

  • Other people. 


Reiki is able to promote a sense of peace and calm when facing disease or trauma.


Will Reiki help me to stay healthy?


Reiki helps lower the cost of conventional medical care as daily use of Reiki assists in keeping you energized, full of life, vitality and health. 

Giving yourself a treatment when a health concern arises helps promote rapid healing (especially if you know how to do Reiki.)

Reiki is not a religion, a belief system, hypnosis or mind control, psychic healing, laying-on-of hands.

Reiki is your tangible connection to “Universal Energy.


Do I keep my clothes on, when having a Reiki session?


You are fully clothed during a session. However, you will remove your shoes and coat. Soothing music & aromatherapy oils are helping to create a relaxing, nurturing & safe environment for you, while you receive your Reiki treatment.


Treatment Schedule


Your Initial appointment is 55 minutes including your medical history.

Follow up appointments are advised, generally 2-3 weeks after the initial appointment.

The suggested time frame between appointments varies from client to client. At De-Stress and be HAPPY, our Reiki service is individually designed to support your specific situation, requirements and individual goals. 

What benefits could I possibly expect to see by having a Reiki session?


Some of the benefits that you could expect to see include:



  • Balancing & clearing Chakra's 

  • Balancing & clearing the Aura.

  • Calming & soothing the emotions.

  • Clearing karmic debt.

  • Clear Meridian blockages.

  • Improved sleeping patterns. 

  • Increase body's energy flow.

  • Lifestyle enhancement. 

  • Promote feelings of relaxation. 

  • Reduced levels of anxiety. 

  • Reduced levels of stress

  • Emotionally, Mentally & Physically. 

  • Relax, sore / tense / tired muscles.

  • Release tension, revives your whole body - Physically, Emotionally & Mentally. 

  • Restore, full body equilibrium.

Face to Face
Investment $121.00

10 Benefits of Reiki
Chakra Balance

Reiki Master & Educator

Certificates :

  • Understanding Men's Violence Against Women : November 2015

  • Child Safe Environments - Reporting Abuse & Neglect :
    June 2014

  • Whose in Charge - Parenting Course : April 2017

  • Responding to Suicide Risk : June 2014

  • Supporting Clients through Grief : February 2014

  • Dealing with a Mental Health Crisis : February 2014

  • Therapeutic Skills for working with Adult survivors of Childhood sexual abuse : February 2014

  • Gender Dysphoria to Gender Euphoria : 6+7 March 2019

  • Cultural Fitness : 25+26 August 2016

  • Nutrition : Food for Thought HLTNUT610A : June 2011

  • Health Science for Massage 1 : July 2008

  • Provide cardiopulmonary rescue HLTAID001 : 10 April 2022

  • Provide basic emergency life support  HLTAID002 : 10 April 2022

  • Provide first aid HLTAID003 : 10  April 2022

Working with Children : Police Check
Department of Human Services - South Australia

23 September 2019


"I am feeling better after the Reiki Session
Looking forward to next week."

Deb, Woodcroft


"Thanks for the work that you did on me...felt instant release of all the tension I've been carrying. Love your therapy.
Thanks again."
Anita, Plympton SA


"It was a very Healing session. Very relaxing and mind opening, Thank you"

Diane, SA


"I LOVE Reiki! - WOW I do not know anywhere else that I can go and be so chilled and simulated at the same time! - I go and see Kerry for some Reiki feeling really tired, anxious and low on energy. Kerry works her magic and I leave feeling relaxed, calm and energised. I used to find daily life a struggle and not know how I was going to get through the day. Now once a month I have a Reiki session, I feel relaxed and invigorated and able to cope with my day to day life without struggling. If you are finding it hard to get through your day, give Reiki a go - I love it, so will you!"
Jane, Unley SA

"When I first saw Kerry - I was going to have a hand operation, as the use in my left hand was really limited. Kerry did some Reiki on my hand and it improved! - I have no idea what she did, but I no longer needed to have the operation."

Tara, Goodwood SA

"I first met Kerry 4 years ago at our local kindergarten shared by our children at the time. I began talking with Kerry initially about Kinesiology, as my son had a lot learning difficulties, speech and behaviour issues. It was through this that I then began to get to know Kerry and then talk about my own personal problems, mainly my shoulders.

I played a lot of sports and did a lot of swimming in my younger years and was now unable to move my arms past waist height. I had been to countless doctors and specialists, spent hundreds of dollars (possibly more) for them to tell me that it was possibly something that I just had to live with, and take anti-inflammatory for the rest of my life when the pain got really bad. This was when I started seeing Kerry for Reiki. 

After the first session, I could lift my arms up above my head, and once again carry my baby daughter without pain. I was over the moon, (total disbelief actually). This lasted for almost a week, then I started getting stiff again, I went back to see Kerry the following week and again the same result only better, I saw her again a week after that and I have not had any problems with my shoulders since. 

I now see Kerry every fortnight for other things, and just to RELAX, it’s hard work being a mum! 

I believe so much in the miracle of Reiki, that I have now studied both Reiki 1 and 2 with Kerry so that I too can pass Reiki onto whom ever wants / needs it.


If you are in any doubt- just do it any way, to do nothing, will change nothing."
Rita, Seaview Downs SA

To book an appointment click on the link or for further information please contact 
Kerry Heritage 61 422745027 or email

Have you ever considered becoming a trained Reiki Practitioner yourself? Would you like to be able to treat your family & friends with this wonderful hands on healing system? 
1 two day workshop will give you the tools + skills that you require to start working with this amazing Reiki healing energy.

Hands in a heart shape Reiki training
Reik Energy
Reiki 3 - Reiki energy and teachingnced Mastery & Teaching
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