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TMJ & Jaw Facial Pain 

Incorporating CranioSacral, Kinesiology
PLUS Sculptural Face Lifting techniques

A full workout for your face: INSIDE and OUT

Sculptural Face Lifting is a unique method of natural rejuvenation and manual correction of the face. It's been dubbed as "natures answer to botox".
Calm and realaxed at the Dentist

Praised by A-listed celebrities, beauty bloggers, actors, politicians and YES..... busy mums, just like you. People who prefer "natural alternatives to invasive lifting procedures.

The process of Sculptural Face Lifting propels the internal resources of the body into natural rejuvenation. The treatment leaves you feeling calm, restored and relaxed PLUS looking and feeling younger inside and out.

  • Sculptural Face Lifting improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

  • Increasing the microcirculation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and normalises cellular respiration.

  • Encourages facial muscles and tone to improve.

  • Therefor helping to restore the natural posture of the face.

  • Improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin so you appear more youthful and relaxed.

Bonus Support

Does anxiety and stress, mean that you struggle to attend your Dentist appointments. Do you feel the tightness and rigidity of the muscles in your face and jaw hinders you in your daily life. Find it challenging to keep your mouth open while oral procedures are taking place?
Sculptural Face Lifting Massage may help.

Sculptural Face Lifting Technique is composed of a combination of Facial Massage techniques and Natural Therapies including CranioSacral Therapy, Kinesiology and Reiki.

Sculptural Face Lift
Jaw and TMJ



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Kerry was privileged to have the enviable opportunity of being one of only 13 practitioners to learn Sculptural Face Lifting Technique in Australia in 2018 with Yakov Gershkovich
Experience Sculptural Face Lift in Brighton Adelaide once and you'll be a covert forever!
List of TMJ symptoms
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