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"Our 2 year old was waking up many times a night and sometimes refusing to get back in bed, not to mention having terrific trouble sleeping. She was also particularly picky and stubborn about eating. After a balance with Kerry, she is sleeping most nights through and eating varied and regular meals."

Brad - Sellicks Beach SA


"Amazing results as usual - thanks! Despite how long we have been seeing you I still can't get over the results :)

Amie - Hallett Cove SA


" I have had the immense privilege of knowing Kerry since I was a child, as I attended the same school as her sons. It was around the age of five that I began to learn about Kinesiology, within a circle of mothers at school and began sessions myself to improve my literacy and coordination skills. 
(Although I didn't start out with Kerry as my Kinesiologist it helped to develop an understanding at an early age, and the results were as beneficial then as they are today.)

For those who have never even heard of Kinesiology it's understandable that you may have hesitations, it's a COMPLETLEY new world, and a new way of looking at yourself and your life. But I will say that you are in the SAFEST of hands by placing your trust in Kerry Heritage.

As far back as I can remember, Kerry has been an amazing role model. She has always remained true to herself and has a passionate drive in reaching out to others and tailors her exemplary skills to suit each persons needs."
K - Seaview Downs SA



Amazing !
I was new to Kinesiology but had heard about it. The results I have had with Kerry have been amazing. Can’t recommend Kerry enough !

Paula - Glenelg SA


My 8 year old son was suffering from anxiety and fear about storms in particular but overall also had a lot of paranoia and fear about most things. We've been seeing Kerry for a few months now and not only has his fight or flight response decreased dramatically, but he has also learnt control over fearful situations and management for self soothing with techniques Kerry has taught him. I have no doubt this would have not happened without Kerry's guidance and therapies. He looks forward to seeing her every time because he knows how relaxed and great he feels afterwards. its like a battery recharge for him and he gets stronger and stronger every time we see her. Thank you Kerry!

Matty and Mum - Plympton SA


"Hello Kerry,

I just wanted to give some feedback as I think it has already been 12 months since I started seeing you for my Meniere's conditions.
I'm delighted with the improvements made so far. the conditions effects have been significantly reduced and allowed me to get on with life.

Andrew, - Semaphore SA



"Hi Kerry, Just wanted to let you know how much you have helped to change my outlook on life. When you met me you only knew that I was anxious and afraid of a certain person. My goodness, by the middle of the session you were able to help me come to terms with that and change my view on how i look at that situation.

You were amazing and caring and sooooo helpful in discovering things about myself that I had kept hidden for so many years. When you confronted me with my worst fear I never thought i would be able to face it.You were incredible. You are a gifted healer and I would travel back again and again from Melbourne for an appointment with you. See you again in a few months !

I was very sceptical when you were first recommended to me by a friend but I walked out of there a different person. More confident and knowing what to do if these fears reared themselves up again. I cannot thank you enough. You are truly a wonderful healer.

Thank you from a very grateful Melbourne client........."

Marilena, - Melbourne Victoria


""My name is Jane and I met Kerry whilst staying at the Amadea in Seminyak Bali, we got talking (as you do!) and we shared our professions. I had never heard of what she does for a living and have to say I felt a little skeptical...till she spent 5 minutes with me - yes 5 minutes! I have always been anxious in traffic and could not bear the thought of travelling to Ubud in Balinese traffic! Kerry listened to my story with great compassion and proceeded to ask me to lie on the sun bed whilst she did what she obviously does best...her treatment. She just knew my anxiety and I can honestly say after a couple of minutes both my mum and her husband witnessed a total change in my face so much so mum took a picture! I felt so much more relaxed not just about the travelling issue but in fact everything, I really did feel healing hands that are truly Blessed.

Thank you Kerry you certainly opened my eyes to something I was very ignorant about and I would recommend this style of treatment to anyone who feels the need to de-stress for WHATEVER reason."

Jane, - Perth Western Australia


"Dear Kerry, it's about a year ago I have seen you last. I just want to tell you how much you helped me. When I came to you I had a big problem with a leaking bladder and needed 4 pads at one time and change throughout the day a few times. But over the last year I needed less and for the last 4 months I don't need anything. I'm still can't believe how much you helped me. I will support your work anytime.
Thank you again and all the best for you"

Doris, - SA


"I was not sure how the Skype session would go but I was pleasantly surprised - Thank you so much - looking forward to the next session :)"

Kate, - Warrnambool Victoria


"Hi Kerry, Just to let you know that my neck feels awesome and my back as well. Sure beats physio. Thanks heaps – see you Thursday."

Sandy, - Plympton SA


"I have known and respected Kerry's approach to running her Kinesiology Practice and so have every confidence in her ability to get results.
It therefore has been a pleasure for Kerry to assist me with a particular issue that has been dogging me for years.
She efficiently assessed the issue, expertly made the corrections necessary for this problem to be released fully.
Her practical approach to difficult issues has a calming affect with effective results!"
Helen Grant-Johnston
Creative Mandalas & Mandala Miracles FB



"I always feel safe, valued and truly cared for before/during/after treatments with Kerry."

Jessica, - Belair



"Kerry is brilliant by nature and skill. She makes you feel at ease - and so does the Kinesiology practice. She works her magic and I highly recommend!"

Belinda, - Warradale SA



"Kerry provides a service that is tailored to the individual. She's not interested in you coming back every week for eternity. She's interested in you moving towards your health and well-being outcomes and if that's not happening- she's not going to fluff around and keep you coming in. She's an honest practitioner with a lot of integrity and no time for dilly dallying around. You want results- this is the person to see. You want fluff chat without any movement- not the person to provide this. Kerry provides great reiki services, fabulous kinesiology and a kind and safe place to be while you work through your needs be they physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or psychological- or a mix of them all. She won't over service you."

Theresa - Edwardstown SA


"The session I had with Kerry was amazing! Totally relaxed and enjoyed every second. Thanks Kerry"

Kathy, - SA


"Kerry welcomed me back with open arms, as I last saw her in 2010. Truly, it was like catching up with a long lost friend. Kerry is very professional and passionate about her client's well-being. I was that impressed I made an appointment for my husband. Kerry has given us the life skills and more to move on to a better life. Thankyou so much Kerry." xxx

Trish, - Warradale SA


"I have been seeing Kerry for many years and in this time she has helped more than she will ever know. She is friendly, kind, caring, thoughtful, generous and brightens your day, just by being her. I would not be where I am now without her amazing help. I would recommend her to anyone or more to the point to everyone! She has been a huge help in so many different facets of my life and I would never go and see anyone else. She is in a word AMAZING!"
Monica, Adelaide SA


"I highly recommend Kerry and her services to everyone! We have used Kerry for all sorts of different issues in our house and have been thrilled with her and the results. Kerry is warm, caring, understanding, respectful and intuitive. I am convinced if it was not for her, my daughter would not have been able to continue pursuing her swimming career. Not to mention the many many other areas that she has helped us with. Thanks Kerry!"
Jenny, Hallett Cove SA



"After a lifetime of varying health issues ranging from allergies, arthritis, phobias and a metabolic disorder, I began to look to complementary therapies. The doctors could not find anything wrong with me; in fact I was so healthy it was almost sickening!

Yoga helped as did a diet change, but some things ‘just made me who I was’. I was told to live with them, miserable as they made me. It’s hard to know what to change when you have always been a certain way.

Kinesiology has enabled me to look at seemingly unrelated issues and make major changes in my life.

What I love about the balance process is how you can go for one thing, but so many other issues are dealt with at the same time. My balance was for itchiness, which was relieved, but other benefits such as being able to brush my teeth without gagging, no longer gripping my shoes with my toes and the feeling of calm within every cell of my body came along too.
Kerry has virtually ‘reinvented’ me in that I now know why I was the way I was and how I don’t need to be that way anymore. She has not only pinpointed the source of most of these problems through the muscle monitoring, but educated and supported me to live life to the fullest.

I now, for the first time in my life, feel as if I’m actually living in today’s world rather than somehow just observing it."

Robyn, SA



"Being trapped in a complex form of post- traumatic stress disorder for most of my adult life and getting incorrectly diagnosed by psychiatrists doctors and clinicians in 5 different countries at such a cost coupled with the obvious array of medications which all  failed -I felt like a lab rat in an experiment that had gone wrong.


It was not until a psychologist tried hypnosis on me and succeeded in seconds to calm my frantic psych  -that I realised that this was a tool that will put my life back together again. I do this every day and for post- traumatic stress disorder  it is masterful.


The words alternative methods sounded now very good to me- I knew it wouldn’t be a quick fix—then neither was everything else I had tried but with the immediate result of hypnosis—without the added side effects of medications -I was gaining tools.


In fact I doggedly sought the different ways to help my body re calibrate- and bite back some of the wasted years----- it gave me a purpose-my own personal power began to return also.


A young woman friend of mine told me about Kerry—she said--- She practises Reiki and Kinesiology---words to me that meant nothing at the time.  But she also said---she helps you switch down the emotions and stress. That I understood that is what I needed.


To me our bodies are trying to get themselves well-its nature s way but when they are so stressed out---- the body has a harder time –it needs help for its own resources to work. 


This is where Kerry in my opinion and her work is invaluable.  Kerry cares about all the things you are. She is  a wise practical person and her methods incredibly effective. I am now comforted for longer periods at a time –and my body is responding - she re aligns-mind body and spirit.


‘Thank you Kerry---I do hope this will help many more people who are in the same situation as myself."

Kathleen, SA



"Hi Kerry,

I saw you a while back because I felt torn between two relationships and was miserable and scrambled. After visiting you, i could think clearer and found some answers, as it turns out neither of those people were for me! I have moved on and now met a new person who completes my life like no other...... And I am HAPPY. Calm. Content!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul xoxxoooox"

Kim, SA



"Just when I thought that there was no answer to my health problems, I found Kerry.  Over the last few months she has helped me discover where my problems started from and with patience and lots wonderful healing Kerry has given me freedom from pain and frustration. I owe my peace of mind to Kerry and the wonderful world of Kinesiology."

Rosemary, Belleveue Heights SA


"I am a 34 year old female who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. Although I have lived with anxiety for a long time with no real problems (as I always assumed this was just me & who I am) the panic attacks were a relatively new thing that I have suffered for the past year.

Over the past year, I was going to doctors, trying to find out what was wrong with me and coming away with no answers. I was suffering symptoms like chest pain, lumps in my throat, diahorrea, nausea, balance disorders & headaches. There was one doctor that kept telling me it was all anxiety and that I should consider medication before it was too late. 

As time went on I was having more panic attacks and my fears were growing, ………fears of having another panic attack, fears of being alone, as I may start thinking thoughts that would bring on a panic attack. Fear that I was actually going to lose control. Fears that I was going to die. I was desperate for someone to FIX me. 

I was introduced to Kerry and desperate for my first session. Kerry explained different things to me about how the body worked, what happens to your body when you are having a panic attack, how the brain and body interact, plus many more things. She really got an in-depth picture of ME, my life, my symptoms and most of all, what I wanted to achieve. Obviously I wanted my panic attacks to disappear and for my anxiety to go away!!! I wanted to achieve this without any medication, as I believe that it only masks the problem. 

As soon as my first session, I walked away feeling empowowered, each week this empowerment was stronger lasted longer and longer. I was beginning to understand myself & my body. I started thinking more positive & less scattered, most of my symptoms were disappearing (and only appearing occasionally, mostly when I was feeling a little negative) For the first time in my life I have been able to recognise that I do actually have anxiety, I do suffer from panic attacks, and I do have the power to change it.

I now believe in Kinesiology, and It’s delivery by Kerry Heritage. It takes both parties, dedication to the cause, I have no hesitation that Kerry is definitely there for the cause, and will get to the bottom of any problem and work through it with you. She explains things that give you a greater understanding, and this is why I believe it has worked so well. Kerry is an amazing woman who has shown me how to get on with life, how wonderful my body is and how to trust it…. 

I have been seeing Kerry regularly for the past 3 months, and life has never looked better, I’m excited about tomorrow and facing more and more of my fears everyday. Panic attacks and anxiety take a lot of hard work, dedication and TIME to overcome but I feel like I have all the tools now to keep going forward I am not scared anymore, as I am in control of my body."

Tanya, Brighton SA


"Thanks to Kerry, my Meniere's (vertigo / balance problem) is no longer an issue. I used to find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, because the room was spinning. It would take me 15 - 30 minutes to be able to sit up without feeling nauseous.


It was also hard to stand up, sit down or look from side to side. - This made it very difficult in my day to day life & I was unalbe to enjoy spending time with my Grandchildren, as I was unable to pick them up for the nausea that would assault me every time I moved my head.


Kinesiology has changed that for me, and I will be forever totally gratefully for the fact that I can now live my daily life without nausea.
Val, Clovelly Park SA


"Kerry uses kinesiology and reiki to heal the core source of illnesses and crises. I’ve found her treatment very effective in relation to OCD. Her therapies communicate directly with your traumatised unconscious and help release the fear and dread stored in your energetic body. You can’t overcome OCD through logic alone; you need to know how to heal a pain that penetrates deeper than that to a place that is controlling the mind’s perceptions, and Kerry helps take you there and heal."
Brad, Hallett Cove SA





"Excellent treatment. Professional, caring, on time, lovely room, thank you Kerry. Highly recommend to all."

Therese Covington - Marino


"So glad Anita recommended you Kerry. Feeling very relaxed and calm right now. Looking forward to my next treatment"

Kerrie - South Australia


Kerry provides a service that is tailored to the individual. She's not interested in you coming back every week for eternity. She's interested in you moving towards your health and well-being outcomes and if that's not happening- she's not going to fluff around and keep you coming in. She's an honest practitioner with a lot of integrity and no time for dilly dallying around. You want results- this is the person to see. You want fluff chat without any movement- not the person to provide this. Kerry provides great reiki services, fabulous kinesiology and a kind and safe place to be while you work through your needs be they physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or psychological- or a mix of them all. She won't over service you.

Tess - Edwardstown SA


"I LOVE Reiki! - WOW I do not know anywhere else that I can go and be so chilled and simulated at the same time! - I go and see Kerry for some Reiki feeling really tired, anxious and low on energy. Kerry works her magic and I leave feeling relaxed, calm and energised. I used to find daily life a struggle and not know how I was going to get through the day. Now once a month I have a Reiki session, I feel relaxed and invigorated and able to cope with my day to day life without struggling. If you are finding it hard to get through your day, give Reiki a go - I love it, so will you!"
Jane, Unley SA

"When I first saw Kerry - I was going to have a hand operation, as the use in my left hand was really limited. Kerry did some Reiki on my hand and it improved! - I have no idea what she did, but I no longer needed to have the operation."

Tara, Goodwood SA

"The session I had with Kerry was amazing! Totally relaxed and enjoyed every second. Thanks Kerry"

Kathy, - SA




"Thanks Kerry, feeling more supple especially in me ankles. Really deep sleep last night - fantastic. Cheers Karen"

Karen, - Mitchell Park SA



"I first met Kerry 4 years ago at our local kindergarten shared by our children at the time.
I began talking with Kerry initially about Kinesiology, as my son had a lot learning difficulties, speech and behavior issues. It was through this that I then began to get to know Kerry and then talk about my own personal problems, mainly my shoulders.

I played a lot of sports and did a lot of swimming in my younger years and was now unable to move my arms past waist height. I had been to countless doctors and specialists, spent hundreds of dollars (possibly more) for them to tell me that it was possibly something that I just had to live with, and take anti-inflammatory for the rest of my life when the pain got really bad. This was when I started seeing Kerry for Reiki. 

After the first session, I could lift my arms up above my head, and once again carry my baby daughter without pain. I was over the moon, (total disbelief actually). This lasted for almost a week, then I started getting stiff again, I went back to see Kerry the following week and again the same result only better, I saw her again a week after that and I have not had any problems with my shoulders since. 

I now see Kerry every fortnight for other things, and just to RELAX, it’s hard work being a mum! 

I believe so much in the miracle of Reiki, that I have now studied both Reiki 1 and 2 with Kerry so that I too can pass Reiki onto whom ever wants / needs it.


If you are in any doubt- just do it any way, to do nothing, will change nothing."
Rita, Seaview Downs SA



Ear Candling


"Before having my ears candled my head was always thick and heavy, almost as if my head was filled with sand and my sinuses always felt like there was a heavy load of pressure on them. Having my ears candled made me feel as though my head was as light as a feather and I no longer have pain or discomfort in my sinuses. I can breath through my nose and my hay-fever is half as bad as it used to be. The feeling after an ear candling session is almost addictive, when you get that first rush of air up your nostrils you wonder how you ever coped before you met Kerry."

Kate, Brighton SA 


"My son used to suffer with really bad chest infections when he got a cold. (Sometimes they would even turn into an Asthma attack.) The muck from his nose used to run down the back of his throat and go down onto his chest, and cause an infection. Since Kerry has been candling his ears, he very rarely gets and cold, and when he does, it hardly ever goes down onto his chest. I also cannot believe how much wax and muck comes out of his ears. I highly recommend ear candling to anyone who has sinus & cold problems. My whole family has their ears candled 2/3 times per year."
Relieved Mum, Seacliff Park

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