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Ear Candling Treatment and training

Ear Candling Training Courses


Enjoy a relaxing day with this hands-on workshop session whereby you will benefit from the experience of having your ears candled, as well as the experience of performing an ear candling treatment for someone else.
There are 2 Ear Candling training courses available, and running throughout the year.

Available Courses:

Click on one of the following

training courses to find out more about it. 


Practitioner Ear Candling

Family & Friends Personal Use Ear Candling

Course Information

Practitioner Ear Candling Training


This training course is designed for the person interested in setting up their own Ear Candling Practice or adding Ear Candling to their existing modalities.


1.5 days theory & practical workshop

On completion on the Practitioner Ear Candling training course, you will receive an illustrated Ear Candling Training Manual. The Practitioner Ear Candling Certificate (Valid for Public Liability Insurance) - issued on completion and passing of all relevant course materials, as well as on gong support and advice.

Ear Candling Training Day Structure


  • The History of Ear Candling

  • The Human Anatomy of the ear

  • The Human Anatomy of the sinus's

  • How can Ear Candling help me?

  • How does Ear Candling work?

  • Often asked questions about Ear Candling

  • Contraindications to treatment

  • Safety instructions

  • Hygiene

  • Preparation before beginning an Ear Candling Treatment

  • Client medical history

  • How to conduct an Ear Candling Therapy session (practical)

  • INTRODUCTION to Managing and marketing your own business.

Practitioner Ear Candling Training Investment 





For any further information contact Kerry on 0422 745 027 or email

Covid-19 Impact on Training Course

Due to the current World Health Pandemic Covid-19.


All training courses may be required by the
South Australian Government to be postponed

at short notice. If this occurs, and your training course is suspended, the staff at De-Stress and be HAPPY will endeavor to organise a new training dates ASAP.


NOTE: Class numbers have been reduced to ensure the wellbeing of all attendees. Maximum number of students attending any class in 2023
(and until further notice) will be10.


Consider booking your place on your chosen training course ASAP to ensure your attendance.

Positions on our training courses are not confirmed until your deposit has been paid.

Quick Dates:

See below for dates of upcoming training course dates:


Ear Candling Practitioner:


25 + 26 May 2024

24 + 25 August 2024


Family & Friends – Personal –
Home Use Ear Candling Training:


This training course is designed to give you an understanding of how Ear Candling works, & bring you up to a 
proficient level to perform ear candling on your family & friends.

1 day practical workshop

Certificate of attendance. 


Not valid for insurance purposes.

Family & Friends, Personal Use
Ear Candling Training Investment $187.00





For any further information email

Other things you should know:


  • Your position on any Ear Candling Course, is not confirmed until your deposit of $100.00 is paid.

  • A letter confirming your position, will be sent to you once the deposit is received.

  • Deposits are to be made in cash, or EFT marked payable to Kerry Heritage Wellness Practitioner.

  • BSB 633 000 Account number 148993751

  • (Provide your name & which course you are paying for.)

  • Credit Cards facilities are available a 1.9% service fee is applied to your transaction.

  • If you are unable to attend the course, your deposits will be refunded, if 2 weeks notice is given before the course is being held.

  • The deposit is forfeited if less than 2 weeks notice is given, or held over as a deposit for the next course you are able to attend.

  • MORNING and AFTERNOON tea is provided. Students may wish to have lunch at one of the many cafes on Jetty Road Brighton.

Quick Dates:

See below for dates of upcoming training course dates:


Ear Candling Family & Friends:


No Family & Friends training courses have been scheduled for 2024.
If you have a group of 6 or more people interested in attending this
training course, please contact
 to organise a mutually convenient date.

Ear Candling Training Testimonials


Thanks Kerry for a well put together, hands on and informative course. I now have a greater understanding of how Ear Candling works and the health benefits that may be experienced by my clients.

I really look forward to implementing this new service to my existing business. Many thanks and gratitude.
Jodie - Gawler SA


This course was a very informative day with hands on practice. Mr BIG Ears (the anatomical ear) allowed me to see the anatomy of the ear well. Experiencing the benefits of Ear Candling allows me to explain it better to clients. Highly recommend this course. The atmosphere was relaxed which made for a great learning experience. The information about business marketing was an added bonus.



A relaxed, yet entirely through course. With hands on practical and theory discussed at length. It was exciting to learn and superb training.
Thank you Kerry.


Lots of great info, tips and hints. Clear and concise. Great instructions on theory and practical.


"I was looking for a "hands on practial training course" on Ear Candling. I already knew the basic technique, but wanted a more indepth knowledge. Plus a "hands on learning of sinus massage." The "starting your own business" is an important aspect as well. Marketing stratagies discussion was very beneficial. Well worth participating. Keep up the good work Kerry."

Marina, Brisbane QLD


"I really enjoyed all the information and how detailed it was - it was conducted really professionally. I am looking forward to my new career!

Kaye, Vic



"Really comfortable, informative and fun training course. I found the Ear Candling course to be well prestented and the room had a great energy - everyone was getting involved. Nothing was shoved down our throats to seek out other services, although Kerry was happy to talk about the other modalities that she does when asked.

Kerry is has a lot of knowledge and is easy to communicate with. She easily explained everything. Mr Big Ear (the anatomical ear) is a HUGE plus - when you are learning about ear anatomy. Manual is fantastic!

This course was fun & informative! Kerry you made it really enjoyable. 
Thank you for a wonderful weekend of learning. I am looking forward to helping others!

For an enjoyable, informative, humorous class, this one is a must. The relaxed atmosphere makes learning fun."
Wendy, Hallett Cove


"Thanks Kerry for a fantastic course, it was very well run with clear and easy to understand teaching, and a very friendly welcoming environment to learn in. I look forward to being able to help many people with my new skills learnt!

Very informative, interesting and fun. I will be using this in my business and on family and friends."

Lynn, Aldinga Beach

"It was a great day. Good timing, nothing too boring, or too rushed. Lovely setting, relaxed and welcoming.
I liked how we all gained the experience of 10 clients in one afternoon. Alone, it would have taken much loner to see 10 different sets of candles. It is amazing how different they all are.

  • I did my two kids the other day, they had heaps of stuff come out and are both looking forward to doing it again - we will probably make it a school holiday activity like you.

  • I have my girlfriend's hubby lined up too and another couple of clients interested in trying it out.

So, thanks for giving me a bit more confidence in using the candles, it was nice to have you checking what I was doing."
Robyn, Strathalbyn


"The course is presented in a fun, clear & interesting fashion. I feel that I could confidently conduct an ear candling session as a practitioner.

It was a great course, I loved it, and will use the knowledge learned for myself, famil & friends, to enhance better health.

A very imformative course, which I am sure will be of great benefit. - Friendly atmoshpere, great class! - Great to be able to compare candles on the day."

Jeff, Woodville


"If I ever use Ear Candling in the "business way" I will know how to present myself more professionally. I enjoyed the Ear Candling course Kerry. Well done!"
Daphne, Seaford

Ear Candling Testimonials
Practitioner Ear Candling
Family & Friends Ear Canding
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