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Evie - Therapy Dog

Evie, our therapy dog at De-Stress & be HAPPY is a playful, loving, intuitive petite Maltese Shitzu.


Evie has a very special gift of relaxing, calming, de-stressing & bringing a smile to all who she meets. (On more than 1 occasion - the client attending clinic, has especially booked Evie and not Kerry!)


(Just in case you are wondering Evie lives with Kerry.) - They can often be found together at Brighton / Seacliff Beach during lunch hours, after clinic has finished for the day or on Kerry's day off.

  • There are some "special words" that you cannot say in front of Evie, because she gets waaayyyyyyy too excited.


  • CAR

  • WALK


  • WORK (Unless she is going to work.................)


She has an affinity with children and enjoys spending time with them. Often when Evie is in the clinic, children who generally find it difficult to relax, settle and be calm will do exactly that. Evie has a instant soothing effect on most children and adults that she encounters.

Evie is our "part-time practitioner". She generally loves to come to work when Kerry is working with children. (Evie & Kerry are almost inseparable.)

POINT TO NOTE: Evie like anyone, sometimes has days where she doesn't want to work. While we will always do our best to accommodate your requests for Evie to attend your appointment. We cannot always guarantee that it will occur.

If you wish for Evie to attend your appointment. Please advise when making your booking, either when you are booking online - in the NOTES / special requirements box, or when you call to book an appointment.


Evie will generally only be in clinic when Kerry is working.

Evie Therapy Dog at De-Stress and be HAPPY Jetty Road Brighton SA 5048

Therapy Dog

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