What to Expect During TMJ / Jaw Intra-Oral Sculptural Face Lift Massage

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

If you are suffering from jaw or facial discomfort Intra-Oral / Sculptural Face Lift massage may be a very effective way to relieve TMJ / Jaw pain. Here’s what you can expect when you attend your appointment at De-Stress and be HAPPY and our TMJ / Sculptural Face Lift therapist Kerry Heritage – Wellness Practitioner.


  • · TMJ issues : unlock and release

  • · JAW issues : stiff, restrictions, tense, pain or locking

  • · BRUXISM (Teeth grinding)

  • · MALOCCLUSION : misalignment of the top and bottom Jaws

  • · INFLAMATION : swelling of the joints & face


  • · Relaxation of tight facial muscles

  • · Improves blood circulation to the face

  • · Increased facial lymphatic drainage

  • · Improves elasticity of the skin

  • · Deeply relaxing reducing anxiety and stress


Kerry will need to assess your TMJ (Temporal-Mandibular Joint, a.k.a. your jaw) first to help determine the cause of dysfunction and understand the full symptom picture.

  • This may include asking questions.

  • Requesting that you open and close your mouth while Kerry observes the movements of the jaw.

  • Checking for any pain

  • Checking for any clicking

  • Checking for locking of the jaw.

  • Kerry will also measure your ability to open your mouth.

  • When you are lying on the massage table, (on your back) Kerry may palpate the joint while you open and close your mouth.

  • (This is so Kerry can feel what’s happening in the joint during the movement.)


This treatment is done with you lying on your back, face up on the massage table.

  • If during the assessment if Kerry determines it beneficial, she may also do some treatment on the neck and shoulders as tension in these areas can contribute to TMJ dysfunction.

  • The treatment will commence on your face and jaw/TMJ area.

  • This may include under the cheekbones, over the sinuses and in the temple area.