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What to Expect During TMJ / Jaw Intra-Oral Sculptural Face Lift Massage

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

If you are suffering from jaw or facial discomfort Intra-Oral / Sculptural Face Lift massage may be a very effective way to relieve TMJ / Jaw pain. Here’s what you can expect when you attend your appointment at De-Stress and be HAPPY and our TMJ / Sculptural Face Lift therapist Kerry Heritage – Wellness Practitioner.


  • · TMJ issues : unlock and release

  • · JAW issues : stiff, restrictions, tense, pain or locking

  • · BRUXISM (Teeth grinding)

  • · MALOCCLUSION : misalignment of the top and bottom Jaws

  • · INFLAMATION : swelling of the joints & face


  • · Relaxation of tight facial muscles

  • · Improves blood circulation to the face

  • · Increased facial lymphatic drainage

  • · Improves elasticity of the skin

  • · Deeply relaxing reducing anxiety and stress


Kerry will need to assess your TMJ (Temporal-Mandibular Joint, a.k.a. your jaw) first to help determine the cause of dysfunction and understand the full symptom picture.

  • This may include asking questions.

  • Requesting that you open and close your mouth while Kerry observes the movements of the jaw.

  • Checking for any pain

  • Checking for any clicking

  • Checking for locking of the jaw.

  • Kerry will also measure your ability to open your mouth.

  • When you are lying on the massage table, (on your back) Kerry may palpate the joint while you open and close your mouth.

  • (This is so Kerry can feel what’s happening in the joint during the movement.)


This treatment is done with you lying on your back, face up on the massage table.

  • If during the assessment if Kerry determines it beneficial, she may also do some treatment on the neck and shoulders as tension in these areas can contribute to TMJ dysfunction.

  • The treatment will commence on your face and jaw/TMJ area.

  • This may include under the cheekbones, over the sinuses and in the temple area.

  • Work will be done over the TMJ area as well.

If Kerry feels it necessary, she will talk to you about performing intra-oral massage.

This is a massage inside the mouth. Usually, this means treatment of the muscles inside the cheek, but outside the teeth, which reduces the chances of gagging or discomfort.

This area can be quite tender to treat, but treatment inside the mouth can be up to 80% more effective than treatment of the same muscles outside the mouth.


After the treatment Kerry will reassess the TMJ. Asking you open and close your mouth to observe the movements of the jaw, as well as measuring your ability to open your mouth. This allows both of you, to see what effect the treatment has had. Kerry may provide home care instructions for you if necessary.

If you are suffering from TMJ discomfort, consider booking an appointment with Kerry from

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