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Kerry Heritage - Wellness Practitioner

Updated: Mar 11


Diploma of Hypnotherapy

Certificate 1V Mental Health

Business Coach & Mentor

Public Speaker


Working With Children Check:

- Department Of Human Services South Australia 23 September 2019

Who's In Charge Parenting Course

Cultural Fitness

Understanding Men's Violence Against Women

Child Safe Environments - Reporting Abuse & Neglect

Responding to Suicide Risk

Supporting Clients through Grief

Dealing with a Mental Health Crisis

Therapeutic Skills for working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

HLTNUT610A Nutrition | Food for Thought: June 2011

HLTAID001 | Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: 10 April 2022

HLTAID002 | Provide Basic Emergency Life Support: 10 April 2022

HLTAID003 | Provide First Aid: 10 April 2022

Infection Control Training : COVID 19

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