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The Science of How the Body NEVER Forgets: Exploring the Power of Muscle Memory

An often heard comment from new clients is: “I don’t know what the practitioner did, but it seemed to work because I feel better”. A client remains fully clothed during a kinesiology session, known as a ‘balance’.

  • After comprehensive history taking, the practitioner uses muscle monitoring to address energy imbalances.

  • Each ‘balance’ is unique because it is determined by the responses gained from muscle monitoring and honours the person’s own healing potential.

  • An unlocking muscle test indicates a disturbed energy flow - be it structural, chemical, nutritional, mental, emotional or spiritual.

  • This stress may manifest in the person as some form of dis-ease, an accident, poor nutritional or postural habits, an unresolved argument, personal trauma or crisis, even as a misunderstanding.

Stressed woman looking upset

For the client, most issues have been long forgotten as they tend to retreat into the subconscious and are only brought back into current consciousness through the stimulus of a trigger event that in some way matches that past experience.

  • When the bio-computer (brain) recognises a stress match that it interprets as a survival threat, it can cause a similar reaction, possibly resulting in inappropriate behavioural patterns.

  • Consider how mental tension is felt as a tight jaw, tensed shoulders and a churning stomach.

This is a purely mental event projected by the mind into the body as a physical sensation, such as pain or discomfort.

  • Muscle monitoring can pinpoint these emotional triggers, and by bringing them back to conscious awareness a person is given the chance to re-evaluate the events and the circumstances surrounding them.

  • In the context of their current life experience, the person is then in a position to change their responses and to choose new and more relevant responses.

The efficacy of Kinesiology results from the way it works with the body’s innate healing intelligence. It aids the body in its natural drive to restore balance, and thus health, to neurological and physiological function. When everything is functioning well in our system, we feel well.

KINESIOLOGY Natural Healthcare at your fingertips.

For research supporting the efficacy of kinesiology, visit Evidence Based Research - Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. (

Kerry Heritage is our Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Level 5 @ De-Stress and be HAPPY.

Kerry specalises in working with anxiety and stressed based issues and Holds a Diploma of Counselling | Dip of Hypnotherapy | Certificate 4 of Mental Health amongst other qualifications. Click here to see her full list of QUALLIFICATIONS.

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