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Strengthening Your Aura

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Taking care of your physical body:

Our physical bodies, emotional wellbeing & energy systems are interrelated & dependent on each other, to optimise our physical health & emotional wellbeing. Any change in one of these areas of our health will cause an impact or imbalance in the other systems. To ensure a strong healthy aura is maintained means that you also need to ensure that you look after your physical health.


  • Drink plenty of spring or purified water each day.

  • 6-8 glasses should be approximately your “normal” intake.

  • This does not include tea / coffee / carbonated drinks or cordial.

  • (Our physical bodies function more efficiently when they are well hydrated.)

  • Get some exercise every day – even if it is a 10 minute walk in the fresh air.

  • Regular exercise will help to keep your body in balance.

  • Walking & exercising close to a large body of water such as the sea or a lake will be extra beneficial as the well oxygenated air will help to cleanse your aura.

  • (Toning your physical body at the same time.)

  • Dancing is a fantastic way of releasing all of your stresses / frustrations from the day & improves your flexibility & circulation...

  • Include a variety of fresh fruit & vegetables in your diet (organic if possible.)

  • Avoid highly processed or fatty foods.

  • Where possible purchase & eat fruit & vegetables as close to the day they were picked as you are able to manage. – They start losing some of their vital energy as soon as they are harvested. (Purchase small amounts & eat within a few days.)

  • Rest & relaxation are two vital elements to ensure a strong & healthy auric body.

  • Fulfilling your work & family responsibilities will eventually take their toll on your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual & auric bodies.

  • Do your best to get enough sleep every night.

  • Where possible devote 30 minutes or more to relaxing in a way you enjoy.

  • Drink alcohol in moderation.

  • An excessive intake of alcohol will weaken the energy in your system & leave you feeling depleted (as well as dehydrated.)

  • The use of recreational drugs will always weaken the energy system of the body – they are best avoided.


Old hurts & unresolved emotional traumas leave an energy trace in your aura. Ensuring that you are emotionally health will help you to maintain a strong & clear aura. Holding onto negative emotions & spending a large portion of your time feeling fearful, jealous, or angry can alter the clarity & colour of your aura.

Seeking the services of a kinesiologist, professional councillor, or a psychologist, who can help you to gain clarity into the areas of your life that are stressing you & causing you to feel ill at ease.

  • DEPRESSION for example is not just an emotional condition – it may also impact on your physical health.

  • It is important to seek immediate help if you feel that you are suffering from depression.

LOOK AT THE COMPANY YOU KEEP: if you feel that you are in a relationship where you are the only one “giving” but your time, love, appreciation is not returned, it is likely that the other person is “draining your energy.”

  • You may notice that you feel drained, depleted or lacking in energy when you spend time with this person.

  • All of these situations will cause an adverse reaction to your aura, and may cause it to be cloudy & not as strong as it should be. This will impact on your vitality & the energy that you have available to you on a daily basis.

  • You will benefit from taking the steps mentioned above to ensure a strong, positive & healthy aura. If you feel that after making the positive changes mentioned above that your aura is still not feeling as strong and vital as it should be seeing a Reiki practitioner may be able to clear any of the blockages that you may be experiencing.

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