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My Reiki Journey From Initiate to Reiki Master & Educator

My Reiki journey of self discovery began in 1998. (Or so I thought at the time – however it’s fair enough to say, that Reiki has been integral part of my life, for the whole of my life. I just didn’t realise it at the time.)….

During the past 21 years of consciously using and working with the Reiki energy has significantly contributed to some of the wonderful & exciting events that have occurred my personal & professional life.

I've found it to be a beautiful energy to work with. It's simple, effective and quick. I have a “tool” that I can take with me anywhere I go and use anytime that it’s required. As I say to my Reiki Students "The Energy is in your hands...…"

BENEFITS that I have seen personally in my life from receiving a Reiki treatment include:

  • Learning how to feel Energy / Chi

  • Developing the ability to meditate

  • Looking after my family’s health more pro-actively

  • Becoming more focused in mind, body & spirit

  • Removing energy blocks from my Chakras

  • Integration of my vibrational bodies

  • Reduction of aches & pains

  • Managing & lowering of stress levels


During the early years of working with Reiki, I received so much positive feedback from Clients, Family and Friends regarding how they have felt after a Reiki Treatment, that I wanted to be able to share the information, and the healing system with as may people as possible. People, who were interested in knowing more …………… So I continued my study of Reiki to become a Reiki Master / Teacher.


I hope that you may be interested in learning Reiki yourself and being able to share Reiki treatments with your family and friends. I know that I feel very honoured, every time that I am able to teach Reiki to our new Reiki Initiates.

I looking forward to imparting this amazing gift of knowledge and Reiki to you. It will be an experience that will bring you much joy and delight. Firstly, by being able to use Reiki on yourself, and then being able to take your gift out into the world to help facilitate positive changes in your family friends and others.

REIKI TRAINING COURSES are happening throughout the year - check our website for more training date information.

Kerry Heritage - Reiki Master and Educator

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