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ndis Counselling

NDIS Counselling provides a safe space where you can be yourself - talk about life & move towards living the life that you want to live.

De-Stress and be HAPPY'S counsellors are genuinely interested and invested in your journey and will work with you in a person-centred approach.

At De-Stress and be HAPPY, we understand that everyone has their own unique needs and experiences, so we work to ensure that your service is tailored to you.

Our counsellors work with you to identify and build on your existing strengths and capabilities whilst helping identify your needs. Through these sessions, you will gain the tools needed to develop new ways of relating to your experiences and building the capacity to achieving your NDIS goals.

If you like, our counsellors can also work collaboratively with your loved ones, carers & other support services.

Your privacy & confidentiality is assured.

(If you have been funded for Improved Daily Living within your NDIS plan, then you may have the necessary funding to access our Counselling services.)

Some of the skills that you may learn through counselling include:

Understand yourself & other people. Develop & improve relationships with friends, loved ones, school, work & community. Find direction in life; Set and achieve meaningful and realistic goals. Expand your self-care abilities. Help to identify challenging behaviours and find more adaptive and alternate strategies Improve your mental health & wellbeing.

For a confidential session with our qualified and trained counsellors, please make an enquiry or call 0422745027

Kerry Heritage - Counsellor & Mental Health Care Practitioner

29 Jetty Road

Brighton South Australia 5048



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