There's more to STRESS than you think...

Lately I have been thinking about STRESS and the implications of STRESS and how it can impact on our lives, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. Stress manifests differently in all of us, depending on all aspects of us as a person. Our history, biology, and resilience. We have all said at some time that we are feeling stressed........... but what is the full implication of stress, and how does it impact on you personally.

I've put some ideas together on how stress can impact on us - It's possible you may find yourself resonating with any of this information.. If so, it may help you to be able to express your stressors are with more clarity. Enabling you to see your way forward through the stress. Allowing you to make some personal positive changes in your life.

How physical stress can affect you

How emotional stress can affect you