Interview: How I became a Kinesiologist

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

I have 3 children 2 of which as they were growing up had learning & behavioural challenges. – I spent a long time searching for answers, how I could help them to overcome the difficulties they were experiencing. Unfortunately most of the answers that I received were not positive nor particularly helpful. (Also, I have to tell you ..... there were not many answers that I was prepared to accept.)

I was informed that the best that I could hope for was to put the children on medication to slow them down & possibly improve their behavioural issues and help with their learning. – As this was NOT an option I was prepared to accept.

I began to look “outside of the square” for substitute solution’s for my 2 sons issues.

In the process of looks for “other” means to help my children I came upon Kinesiology. – At the time I knew nothing about it, however a friend who also had highly strung children was looking into it as a means of helping her child.

As nothing I had tried previously, had worked – I figured that I had very little to lose by giving Kinesiology a go...................That was more than 20 years ago & the boys (now grown men) & I have never looked back. Kinesiology gave my children their childhoods back & brought some very much needed sanity into the lives of my whole family.

It also helped me to realise, that I was not a “bad” parent. My children had some issues with the way their brains received & processed information. With some effort on part of the kinesiologist, myself & the children: we were able to change the way their brains processed information.

This in term meant that the children were not working so hard trying to comprehend, concentrate & remember the information that was being taught to them in a learning situation. As they were no longer struggling to concentrate, the kids started having successes with their learning, and the successes improved their confidence and encouraged them to want to learn. The flow on benefit of improved learning was that myself & my husband saw positive effects in their behaviour. (We were not the only ones to notice the positive changes in behaviour, teachers, family, friends all commented on the changes they have seen in the boys.)


I could see the positive impact that the kinesiology was having on my children. During this time I thought that it would be beneficial if I was able to continue their treatments at home. Therefore I decided to study kinesiology for myself. (The original plan.... was only to use Kinesiology to help my boys – never considering the wider implications of where this journey would lead me.)

The positive changes in my children’s behaviour & education were so obvious at school & in social situations, that other parents started asking me what I had been doing with the boys....................... I explained about the kinesiology sessions that they had been attending & the kinesiology work I was doing with them at home. Other parents then started to ask me to work with their children, to which I explained to the “that I was not fully qualified............” the reply being “GET QUALLIFIED!” The rest as they say is history


I have an affinity with children (especially boys – as I have 3 boys, so know how they tick....) It takes a particular type of person to work with children. You have to have a GREAT sense of humour!

During my time as a Kinesiologist I have come to realise that the kinesiology techniques that are able to integrate the brain / body function, are also really beneficial for adults, actually for any person at all. So now I have a thriving kinesiology practice catering to adults who are very stressed & anxious.

These days, I specialise in working with professional women & men who need to learn to relax, de-stress & regain balance & harmony within their personal & working lives. You can check out a our FACEBOOK PAGE for some great tips and ideas on how you can benefit from Kinesiology


Kinesiology is one of the world’s fastest growing complementary medicines........... It is a combination of gentle, western style muscle monitoring with Chinese philosophy, acupressure & natural therapies that can help get your life back on track. It is able to help to integrate your body & mind with its non-invasive approach. For me & my family it has been a life saver..................